• Disordely Intoxication Charge for Young Professional Dropped

Unfounded Felony Child Neglect Charges Dismissed

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Our client works two jobs – a day job and a night job – to support her children. After coming home from her night job, she took her children into her room to take a nap. Unfortunately, and at no fault of my client, her children left the home and began walking around her neighborhood. She woke up terrified and began searching for the kids. Moments later, she found them two yards down, unharmed and with law enforcement. Instead of hearing her out, law enforcement immediately slapped cuffs on her and put her in a squad car. They arrested her for two counts of Child Neglect and, just like that, she was facing up to ten years in prison.

The issue with that arrest is that the charge of Child Neglect requires evidence that she had a reckless disregard for the safety of her children to the point where her actions showed she did not care if her children were hurt or killed. The truth behind this case was she fell asleep after working all night and, when she realized they wandered off, immediately went to find them.

Once our client retained our office, we got to work to ensure that additional safety measures were put in place in her home to prevent this from ever happening again. We also immediately contacted the State Attorney’s Office to begin advocating that they drop the charges.

Ultimately, the State Attorney’s Office recognized that the law enforcement officers did not take into account the full story and that our client did not commit felony Child Neglect. The charges were dismissed before any court dates and our client is on her way to having the arrest sealed and expunged from her record.

Alec Waid