VOP for DUI Resolved for Client on Probation for Multiple Drug Charges

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Our client is a young man who was placed on probation for multiple drug charges involving marijuana and cocaine by a previous lawyer.

One evening, he was heading to get fast food at a drive-thru and was stopped by the St. Petersburg Police Department. He was arrested for DUI because they believed that he was high on marijuana. The DUI arrest triggered a VOP on his pending probation. The judge did not give him a bond.

It was the second time that he had violated his probation, so we were worried about what the judge would do to him.

The Case:

Our client hired us and we looked at the background and the facts. He wanted to get out of jail as soon as possible and protect his record. We went to court on his behalf and worked out a deal. We were able to reinstate his probation and get him a 60 day jail sentence. Since he had already been in jail for 46 days, serving another two weeks in order to resolve the case was a good outcome. The best part of the deal was that we were able to keep the withhold of adjudications, so he is not a convicted felon.

We are now going to fight the DUI charge and hopefully get it reduced to a reckless driving.

Sean McQuaid