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Warrant for Worthless Check Fixed and Case Dismissed

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My client had a storage unit for several years. One of her checks bounced, but she was not notified. She closed the unit and moved to Tampa. She had no idea there was a problem. No one from the storage unit ever picked up the phone to even call her, they just reported the check to the police. The police then referred the matter to the State Attorney’s Office. A prosecutor filed a charge against her for a worthless check and a court date was set. The clerk sent the court notice to her old home in Pinellas County and of course, my client did not know about it. No one at any point ever called her to ask her to make good on the check. It is just amazing how this is the system that we have.

She missed her court date because she never knew about it and a warrant was issued for her arrest. Fortunately, one of her old neighbors notified her that the police had come to her old home looking for her about a warrant. She called me and I looked it up and found the warrant.

The Case:
She immediately hired me and I set a court date to withdraw the arrest warrant. I was given a court date two days later and we were able to get the warrant withdrawn. All we had to do was provide the clerk with her new address. While we were in court, I asked that the judge allow her to pay the restitution in advance for the worthless check. My client paid the amount immediately.

The Result:
I then sent a letter explaining the situation to the prosecutor along with the proof of payment of the restitution. The charge was then dismissed and my client did not have to go back to court or have this crime on her record.

Sean McQuaid