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Warrant from 2003 Dismissed for Out of State Resident

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My client used to live in Clearwater many years ago in 2003. Apparently, he wrote a check to Publix that bounced. The case was sent to the State Attorney’s Office and they filed a felony charge against him. By that time, he had already moved out of state and never knew about it.

Recently, he had a background check performed that discovered the warrant. He decided to be proactive and get it handled. He hired me.

The Case:
I reached out to the prosecutor who handles the old felony warrants. She assigned an investigator to look into it. We received a letter stating that if he paid the check and some other fees via a cashier’s check, then the charges would be dropped. My client immediately took care of that.

The Result:
Once the prosecutor received the payment, the old charge and the warrant from 2003 was dropped.

Sean McQuaid