How to Fix Warrants for Missing Court in Pinellas County, Florida

This article is dedicated to setting forth a road map to help people fix warrants in Pinellas County and help them get their full rights back.

In Trouble for the First Time in Pinellas County?

We specialize in representing defendants either charged or under investigation for a first-time criminal offense in Pinellas County, Florida.

Guide to Pinellas County Carrying Concealed Weapon/Firearm Charges

Pinellas County is one of the strictest jurisdictions in the State of Florida when it comes to prosecutions of concealed firearms and concealed weapons charges.

Guide to Warrants for Failure to Appear in Pinellas County

The vast majority of all failures to appear in court (FTAs) are from people with little to no prior criminal history.

Felony Drug Charges in Pinellas County

St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Attorney Sean McQuaid specializes in representing people charged with felony drug charges in Pinellas County, Florida.